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“The best f*cking growth team on the planet.” - Ryan Hogan, Founder - Hunt A Killer, a brand we grew from $0 to the fastest-growing thriller subscription box of all time... in under a year.

Highlight Reel

M.A. Profits Arsenal online membership: Sold 265 new memberships in first 2 weeks, and 500+ in first couple months, at $97 / mo.

Launched Craigslist Dominator — a done-for-you Craigslist fitness ad software that helped fitness pros generate as many as 15 new clients in a single week

Bombtech Golf: $1.1m to $4.2m / yr in one year. The following year generated $6.8m

Taro: from $0 to $300k+ / mo. in 2 years

M.A. Business Summit: Filled to capacity a new martial arts business event — multiplied in size each year (300 year 1, 600 year 2, 800 year 3)

Facebook campaigns that sold 100+ new fitness and martial memberships for individual studios in a single weekend

Helped 1000+ of fitness & martial arts studios add 5, 6, & 7 figures to their bottom lines

Created new packaging that increased the sales of Righteously Raw Chocolates in major retailers in the US and Globally by over 100%

Crafted a webinar that sold 65 mastermind memberships at $20k / year in a single day

ETB Fit: $3k / mo. to $93k / mo. in 3 months

Crafted Kosher: $0k to $68k / mo. in 1st month. Hit $90k+ / mo. in month 2.

10x Factory: $0 to $100k / mo. in 5 months

The One University: Added 2200 new members generating $227k in up front revenue and $53k in recurring revenue during a 3 day launch

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